JCT: Delay due to fire

We are working on a project as a Sub Contractor, the project suffered a fire which will delay the project. What relevant event and relevant matter would be used to make a claim for an extension of time and potential loss and expense?

If there is a fire then you will get an extension of time from the Contractor to cover the period of delay. The loss and expense that you suffer is not paid by the Contractor under the Contract but by the Insurers of the Works.

Assuming you are appointed using the JCT Standard Building Subcontract 2016 the relevant Sub-Contract Event for extension of time would be at clause 2.19.12 (Specified Peril i.e. fire). As @Tiplady says loss and expense is paid by the insurer not the Contractor.

Thank you for your response, I thought that was the case but wasn’t 100%.

Thank you for your response.