JCT DB 16 & Deferment of Site Possession

What happens if the deferred start is delayed beyond the period(s) stated in the Contract Particulars?

I am aware that it would amount to a breach of contract but what are the remedies?

If possession is delayed then yo would be entitled to claim an extension of time under Clauses 2.24- 2.26 and loss and expense under Clause 4.21.5. Relevant events for the purposes of Clause 2.26 would be 2.26.3 and 2.26.6.

You should notify the Employer as soon reasonably possible.

Thanks, I am aware of this. What I was trying to understand is that say for example, under clause 2.4 deferment of possession is 6 weeks but the Employer has deferred possession for more than six weeks.

you make a delay claim under 2.26.6 and loss and expense under 4.21.5