Improvement - Display outstanding party actions [indicator(s)/count(s)] on contracts list

When a user logs in to FastDraft they always arrive at the Contracts page. From a user perspective it would be useful to have a way of narrowing down the list of contracts to see only those which have outstanding actions rather than have to log into each one individually to find that out. It would be useful to include the count of outstanding party actions on this landing page and/or provide the capability to filter based on whether or not the contract has any outstanding actions for a particular party (users would prefer a count but I’m thinking it might be less of a performance impact to set a flag when action count is greater than zero [and unset it at zero] than to go and get a count each time). Alternatively, this type of functionality could be provided via a separate menu option (so that performance doesn’t necessarily take a hit by performing this check/count every time a user logs in).

There was mention of the ‘morning coffee report’ that could be tailored to the individual role. Dashboard report on contracts relevant to the user, with outstanding contract actions forming part of this.