Improvement - Ability to skip to next or previous notices while a notice without returning to register

We’d like the ability for users to scroll (via next and previous button) through sequential forms/notices. So if user is on form CEN003 they can navigate to form CEN002 by pressing the previous button in the header of the page or to form CEN004 if they press the next button, without having to navigate up to the main register and back down again.

We would add a set of button like this to each form type:-

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 16.40.31

The buttons would sit between the back to register and print below illustrated below

@loreta.adams, @pj.carlyon can you check that this is coped correctly.

@chriscorr @pj.carlyon

I think that should work. Can this be added to all the registers?

Yes this would be added to all registers

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