I’m a bit confused about whether I should be using design risk assessments, design risk reviews, or some other means of documenting my risk procedures. Can you help me?

Your aim is to eliminate hazards from the design (so far as is reasonably practicable), and reduce risks from any remaining hazards – giving priority to collective protective measures before individual protective measures. The consideration of hazard and risk is integrated within the design process, so there is no need to carry out a separate ’design risk assessment’. A design review may be useful as a means of checking that the principal aim of eliminating hazards or reducing risks is achieved. A design practice or design team may choose to develop their own arrangements to make sure that designers are aware of their responsibility to eliminate hazards and reduce risks. The nature of these arrangements will depend on the size of the design practice/team and the type of work undertaken. In general, the production of design risk assessments that cover well-known and understood construction hazards should be avoided. The crucial information, ie that which covers unusual or complex hazards, is then much less likely to be missed and should be passed on to those that will need it in a format that is readily accessible to them.