How do the CDM Regulations encourage better worker engagement?

Regulation 24 places a duty on principal contractors to make and maintain arrangements to enable effective co-operation between all parties on site, and to consult with all workers on site. Consultation means not only giving information to workers, but also listening and taking account of what workers say, before making health and safety decisions. Part of the purpose of consultation is to make sure the measures taken on site to protect workers’ health and safety are effective.

Principal contractors are encouraged to develop a variety of methods of communication and consultation with the workforce to develop collaboration and trust. When matters of concern are raised by workers these should be actioned and feedback given. Evidence that this is happening provides assurance that effective worker engagement is in place.

Involving the workforce in identifying and controlling risks is crucial in preventing accidents. Whether projects are notifiable or not, contractors have a duty in regulation 13 to inform workers of their procedures for stopping work in the event of serious and imminent danger, and to provide training where necessary. This should make sure workers are willing and able to intervene to prevent an accident sequence developing.

A [toolkit]( has been produced by the construction industry’s Leadership and Worker Engagement Forum to help contractors and managers learn how to make health and safety improvements in their businesses.