How do I object to a planning application (and can I do so online)?

Every planning application submitted to a local authority must undergo a period of public consultation which varies in length between three and eight weeks. Most councils publish details of planning applications on their websites. You can find the website address for your local planning authority on the Planning Portal. Alternatively, open applications can be viewed at your local town hall and the offices of your local planning authority. The Planning Portal does not offer the facility to comment on applications directly. Therefore you will need to contact your local planning authority if you want to have your say on a planning application in your area.

There are a number of ways to do this:

If you are a neighbour affected by a planning application the local planning authority will either notify you directly or display a site notice on or near the land to which the application relates. You could contact the planning offices of your local authority to involve yourself in the consultation process The local planning authority may offer a service on its website You are allowed to attend planning committee meetings to hear applications being considered You are also allowed to have your say at these meetings but you must notify the council in advance of the meeting There is no comprehensive description of grounds for objection to planning applications available on the Portal. This is because the Government has given the main responsibility for dealing with planning applications to local authorities. As a result, the range of objections that can be made is wide and varies from council to council.