Can QS allowances be included within a compensation event

NEC3 Option B form of Contract
Can the contractor allow for allowances for quantity surveyor when pricing a compensation event

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Under options A and B, “the cost of preparing quotations for compensation events” is explicitly excluded under clause 11.2 (22).

However, if the Contractor is incurring additional QS Defined Cost in doing the work in the compensation event, then this additional Defined Cost would be allowable BUT, under clause 63, there has to be an effect on Defined Cost. E.g. if the QS is based on site full time and is salaried, works a couple of hours extra and is paid no more than his salary there is no extra cost. In contrast, if the QS was an agency worker and was paid for these extra hours, there would be extra costs.

Hi Jon, just to add to the question;

If the Contractor has an allowance/duration per staff member such as QS 1 day per week, identified within the contract, and this increases due to the additional works required to be involved in the change on the project, if demonstrated can this be claimed under a CEQ?

Yes, provided the additional time is due to the compensation event.