Can minutes of meeting be used to serve notice of a claim under NEC3

Can minutes of meetings be used to serve notice of a claim or compensation event under NEC3?

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First of all, there is no such thing as a ‘claim’ under the NEC. You have compensation events.

If it is the Project Manager, notifying the compensation event, then it is done under clause61.1 whereas if it is the Contractor, it is done under clause 61.3. Either way, under clause 13.7, any notification required under the contract is communicated separately from other communications.

Consequently, minutes of meetings (which may record a multi-tude of other things) are not a contractually valid way to notify the other party of a compensation event.


my understanding of clause 13.7 is that the obligaion to communicate compensation events seperately from other communications, means minutes can’t be treated as a CE notifcation. so i think your answer is wrong. do you think??