BIM: What do we see the key roles being in BIM?

The future of construction is all about BIM. GIven new guidance, we know two key roles include: BIM Manager and [in some cases] BIM Coordinator.

However, on a contractor site - what do we see the input being from other team members? The QS, The Planner, Site Engineers, Project Managers etc?

My thoughts are they contribute to the process/ extract information from the process, but the core of the works are to be driven by the Design team?

Do you agree?

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Yes, at least as BIM is currently utilised generally at Level 2. When you get to BIM level 3 and beyond and also start to utilise multiple dimensions (time, cost, quality, FM etc) the input from the site team becomes vital to the development of an efficient and effective model.

I wrote a 3 part article on this for Construction News in 2015.