Baseline for EVA/EVM purposes

Glen suggests the first accepted programme is used for EVA/EVM. If the first accepted programme does not include accepted CE’s. I suppose, as well as adding the CE to the last accepted programme for comparison, it also needs to be added to the first accepted programme (or revision thereof) for EVM? This first accepted programme, with approved CE’s, is in effect a contractual document recording the impact of any contractually agreed changes.


Ideally your first Accepted Programme would be the first programme as the works were intended without compensation events. If you are already trying to agree the effects of change without having a first accepted programme to base it upon, you are off to a rocky and potentially subjective start. In practice this is the rare time that I have found that I have had to update two programmes. One is the original baseline which might need to be changed to get the first programme accepted, the other is already adding progress and change within it so that it is ready to compare to the original baseline once it is accepted. It should obviously be the intent for both Parties to have that first programme in place at tender stage and included within the signed contract, or at the very least make sure that the Parties work together to get it in place and Accepted within the first few weeks. Then you have something to assess change against.

Agree with Glenn’s comments