With regard to procurement legislation, which UK court cases provide precedent with regard to interim measures?

A list of particularly important cases follows:

	Burroughes Machines Ltd v Oxford Area Health Authority;

	Harmon CFEM Facades (UK) Ltd. v The Corporate Officer of the House of Commons (Harmon 2);

	Severn Trent v Dwr Cymru;

	Clyde Solway Consortium v The Scottish Ministers;

	De la Rue International v Scottish Power;

	Rapiscan Systems v Commissioners of HM Revenue and Customs;

	Partenaire v Department of Finance and Personnel;

	 BFS v Secretary of State for Defence;

	European Dynamics v HM Treasury;

	Alstom Transport v Eurostar International;

	 Federal Security Services v Chief Constable for the Police Service of Northern Ireland;

	 Lettings International v London Borough of Newham.