With regard to procurement legislation, which are the relevant court cases in relation to the selection of tenderers?

The five British court cases of particular relevance are as follows:

·     General Building and Maintenance v Greenwich London Borough Council;

·     R v Secretary of State ex parte London Borough of Harrow;

·     R v London Borough of Tower Hamlets;

·     Harmon CFEM Facades (UK) Ltd v The Corporate Officer of the House of Commons;

·     Clyde Solway Consortium v The Scottish Ministers.

There are also a number of relevant European Court of Justice cases, which are as follows:

·     Case 76/81, S.A.Transporoute v Minister of Public Works;

·     Joined Cases 27-29/86, S.A. Construction et Entreprises Industrielles and others v Societe Co-operative " Association Intercommunales pour les Autoroutes des Ardennes" and others;

·     Case 31/87, Gebroeders Beentjes BV v The Kingdom of the Netherlands;

·     Case C-389/92, Ballast Nedam Groep NV v The State;

·     Case C-5/97, Ballast Nedam Groep NV v The State;

·     Case C-71/92, Commission of the European Communities v Republic of Spain;

·     Case T-203/96, Embassy Limousine and Services v European Parliament;

·     Case C-176/98, Holst Italia v Ruhrwasser AG International Water Management;

·     Case C-470/99, Universale-Bau v EBS.