Why isn't my Supporting Docs section appearing complete?

The Supporting Docs section of your application will only appear complete if you have attached at least one document (or designated a postal submission) for every requested item of Mandatory Documentation. If a document has been uploaded then the system will show ‘Remove’ and ‘Edit details’ links next to it (as shown in the green box in the image on the right). Every entry in the ‘Mandatory documentation’ category must look like this before the system will allow you to submit the application. Where a document has not been uploaded, the system will only display the ‘Incomplete’ link (as shown in the red box in the image on the right). Please note that it is possible to add more than one attachment in a Mandatory document category. The mandatory document types vary between local planning authorities. If you are unsure what is needed for any Mandatory document type please contact the local planning authority to which you are applying for advice. You can find contact information for your local planning authority here.