Where can I find the Material Amendments form?

A ‘Non-Material Amendment’ application process came into effect in October 2009 (see next question). However, a Material Amendments form was not created. It was decided that with regards to minor material amendments the existing application mechanisms were suitable (with some minor tweaking). As there was no major statutory change for minor material amendments a new form was not required. Currently, all minor material amendment requests need to be submitted in writing using an existing section 73 procedure (“Application for removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission”), which is available on the Planning Portal. The request should include a schedule which lists all of the amendments proposed and the reasons why they are being requested. Please note that before submitting it is strongly recommended that you check with your local planning authority whether it has any specific requirements as part of your minor material amendment request. You can find contact information for your local planning authority on the Portal.