What should a worker's health record look like for notifiable non-licensed work?

What should a worker’s health record look like for notifiable non-licensed work?

Employers are required to keep a health record for each worker involved in notifiable non-licensed work with asbestos. These records can be brief - it may be as simple as writing down the names of workers on the job on your copy of the notification form, or keeping copies of the notification form for each person carrying out NNLW work as these will document the nature of the job and type of asbestos from which likely exposure can be estimated. A record could look something like this:

				Worker details/ medical information
				JOB dates ref number / identification or postcode/address
				Estimated typical exposure to
				asbestos fibre
				F Bloggs Last medical:
				Cert copy held?: Yes
				Next medical due: xx xx xx
				Invoice no 53 12/12/12  Replacement of water-damaged AIB ceiling tiles
				3 tiles to be replaced – well below control limit and job meets criteria of short duration work
				First job like this we ever did was measured by air sampling and confirmed low
				D Grime
				Last medical
				S Tidy
				P Diligent
				W Smith
				next staff list  for next job
				Next job dates etc

	These records should be kept for 40 years (and offered to HSE or the individuals concerned should the business cease trading). You can also use copies of the notifications you submit as the basis for the records, perhaps adding the names of the workers on that job and typical exposures expected or measured (if an unusual job).