What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn when using cement?

Gloves should be used when working with wet cement for long periods, such as in brick and block work. The gloves should be waterproof and suitable for use with high pH (alkaline) substances. Wet cement is pH 12-13. Suppliers can assist with the selection of appropriate gloves. Avoid any that are loose fitting at the wrist as these may result in cement being trapped between the glove and the skin.

Waterproof trousers and footwear, such as wellington boots, should be used where large concrete pours are taking place. If standing in cement, the waterproof boots should be high enough to prevent cement entering the top of the boot. Over-trousers should not be tucked into the top of boots as this can result in cement entering the boots.

When kneeling on wet products containing cement, waterproof trousers should be worn or, if screeding, waterproof knee pads or knee boards should be used.