Do I have to wear safety footwear on a construction site?

Yes. Construction workers are expected to wear protective footwear whilst on site and doing heavy work. The bones in the foot are quite delicate and easily damaged and any muscle or tendon damage can prevent normal movement for several months. Steel toecaps (or equivalent) protect against dropped objects. Midsole protection (usually a steel plate) protects against puncture or penetration if you tread on a nail. If you need to enter or work on a construction site your employer will provide a basic standard of safety footwear. You do not have to pay for this so long as you look after it and make it last a reasonable time.If there are medical reasons why you cannot wear basic safety footwear your employer will pay for suitable kit.

Ensure any PPE you buy is ‘CE’ marked and complies with the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002. The supplier/manufacturer should be able to tell you if the PPE is suitable for the type of task.

Further information is available in [A short guide to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 ](