What do the different statuses on the 'My Applications' page mean?

Your application will have one of six possible statuses: Draft - This application is still in progress and has not yet been sent to the local planning authority. Submitted - The application has been sent to the local planning authority and the authority has been notified by email.

However, the application has not yet been accessed or processed. Transferred - The application has been accessed by the local planning authority and transferred to its computer system. For further information about the application after this stage you will need to contact your local planning authority. Archived - Submitted/transferred applications that you have chosen to archive.

The following two statuses will only be displayed if you choose to amend a previously submitted application. Open for amends - The application has been submitted and is currently being amended by the applicant in preparation for resubmission. ‘Open for Amends’ is displayed when an application is amended for changes to documentation only. Please note, if an application is Open for Amends it is withdrawn from the local planning authority’s list of applications until it is resubmitted. Replaced - If an application is opened for substantial changes, a new version will be created with a status of Draft, and the original application will show as ‘Replaced’. The application has been amended and has replaced the previous version of the application.