Should skin care products, like pre and after work creams, be provided and used in the welfare facilities at a construction site?

Skin care products can help to protect the skin by reducing the effects of exposure to hazardous substances. Employees should be encouraged to wash areas of skin that may have been exposed to hazardous substances at breaks and after work. They should wash the skin with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Skin care products can be provided in the site welfare facilities and are designed to help maintain good skin condition so that the skin retains its protective role. Pre-work creams are designed for application at the start of work, after breaks etc. They can help remove dirt during washing, so milder cleansing agents / soaps can be used, but they do not function as protective gloves and employees should not use them in their place. Skin cleansers remove contaminants from the skin and the least aggressive cleanser that will do the job should be used. Moisturisers, including after-work creams, allow the moisture in the barrier layer of the skin to be restored and should be applied at least once a day, preferably more frequently, and ideally each time the hands are washed and dried.