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New features on Bridge

In this Bridge Learn release (Aug 2022), We made two small improvements to Live Trainings. Journeys Analytics is out as an open beta which you can enable.

Updated Feature
Live Training Improvements
We made two small improvements to Live Trainings. First is the default order of live sessions from newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest. This will allow you to view your more recent sessions more easily instead of scrolling through older sessions every time you need to update something.

We also added an icon on Multi-part live training sessions to help users more easily identify these types of trainings that will require the user to attend multiple sessions for completion. This will help us remember to attend all sessions, not just the first one.


Beta Feature
Journeys Analytics Open Beta
Journeys Analytics is out as an open beta which you can enable. To enable this beta feature, you will go into the Admin section. Select General Settings, and then select the Beta tab. Here you will see the toggle for Journeys Analytics.

Journeys Analytics is a version 1.0 reporting tool for Journeys. With an Overview and an Enrollments widget, the individual dashboard under Analytics shows the core data for Journeys.
Note: Since this is an initial version, there is currently no merging with data from Learn.

In this Bridge Performance release (Aug 2022), Updates to the Talent Review feature include: Admin Cycle Management Page, Setup Process, and Question Updates.

Updated Feature
Talent Review Updates

We’ve made some updates to Talent Reviews to improve user experience.

Admin Cycle Management Page

When an admin navigates to the admin page of Talent Review, a cycle management page will display all previous and current Talent Review cycles, their status, and the number of employees who participated in the cycle, along with context menu options. Cycles can be opened to see the exact setup, which helps reproduce the same cycle over and over again if needed.


Setup Process
When a new cycle is created, admins are now going through a three-paged setup process that helps differentiate the parts of the setup process, improving user experience throughout.

As a first step, users can select a single axis view, which provides another option next to the current 9-box solution. Admins can select either or but never both solutions for a single cycle. The single axis view is a 5-point scale that can be customized in terms of vale names and their descriptions.

Question Updates
Four colored questions can be added to provide additional questions and to improve the user experience when filling in the review sheet for employees in the organization.
The number of addable custom questions has been increased from seven to ten to ensure all critical questions can be added to a cycle.

Introducing Successor Question
When turned on, it enables reviewers to add successor candidates to the employee under review. Successors are selected from a Bridge people search field that orders people in the order of selection.