Procurement: What are the benefits of using a VEAT?

What are the benefits of using a VEAT?

This is not an exhaustive list:

A VEAT offers protection from a finding of ineffectiveness where a procurer has made a decision to award a contract and failed to advertise in OJEU if the procurer has: considered that not advertising was permitted by the Regualtions; published the VEAT in the prescribed form expressing its intention to enter into the contract, providing the prescribed information;
and ensured that at least 10 days elapse between the publication of the VEAT and entering into the contract. The period begins on the day after publication, not on the day of publication itself

Publishing a VEAT is voluntary but it can mitigate the risk/disrution of procurement challenges.

Publishing a VEAT also allows interested parties to challenge an award decision within a 10 day period before the contract is entered into. This allows the courts to consider whether the contract should be placed.