NEC3 ECC: Time frame for assessing Compensation Events when requesting more information

I submitted a CE on a housing project under Option A with strong evidence. Every couple of weeks the client requests ‘more information’ that is needed to assess the CE. Sometimes they already have this information. It is around 2 months later and they have still not given an assessment as they are still requiring information.

The information they have just asked for covers a very small part of the housing works around only 10% of the value. They haven’t referred to any clauses (13.4).

Where do we stand on this? Are we within our rights to issue a letter a long the lines of clause 64.4?

Project Manager should respond to your quotation (or additional information) within two weeks. If they fail to do so you can/should notify them of this lack of response. A further two weeks later with no response would mean that your quotation has been “deemed” accepted. If they say they are making their own assessment and don’t, then another reminder followed by a further two weeks of silence would also mean original quote is deemed accepted.