NEC3 ECC Option D - PM's response to Quotation

After the Contractor has submitted a quotation as instructed by the PM, the PM has to notify the Contractor of the following.:

  1. Acceptance of quotation
  2. Resubmission of quotation
  3. PM will make his own assessment

If for example the C submitted his quotation on Day 1, and the PM replied on Day 3 that he will make his assessment, what is the deadline for the PM to give the Contractor his assessment, or should he issue it at the same time he replies to the Contractor that he will make his own assessment?

Thank you!

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Under clause 64.3, the PM has the same time as the Contractor would i.e. 3 weeks as per clause 62.3. Clause 64.3 goes on to state that this period starts from when the need for the PM’s assessment becomes apparent. The latest time from when “the need becomes apparent” would be from when the PM told you he or she was going to make the assessment.

From whenever the PM responds to state they will make their own assessment, they have the same time that the Contractor had to produce their quotation i.e. up to three weeks unless the Contractor had asked for an extension which the PM would then get the same time to assess self.

PM response to a quotation is acceptance or non-acceptance. If non-acceptance they need to state what happens next, which is either they ask Contractor to re-quote or state they will assess self.

Should the PM state they will assess self and then fail to do so within the timescale that the Contractor had to do quote, you may then notify the PM of this failure. If they fail to respond to that reminder within a further two weeks then the original quote from the Contractor would be deemed accepted.