NEC3 ECC: Can a PM rescind an acceptance of a compensation event for which a quotation has been submitted if his initial acceptance was in error as the said event is not a compensation event under the contract?

Our PM has accepted a notification and requested the contractor to submit a quotation for changes in the WI proposed by the contractor. I am suggesting that this is not in accordance with clauses 60.1 and 80.1 and therefore the quotation should be rejected as the event was not a CE under the contract.

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Am I right in saying that this is an option C contract, with the Contractor proposing a change to the Employer’s WI under option C clause 63.11 ?

If this is the case, then it is actually a compensation event, but the Prices are not reduced as stated in clause 63.11. We can discuss the contractual mechanics, but the easiest solution is for the PM to not accept the quotation and either the Contractor provides another quotation with zero changes to the Completion Date and Prices or the PM makes his own assessment of zero and zero change.

Does this help or am I missing something ?