NEC PSC: Option C - What information is required with a quotation?

NEC3 PSC - the situation is:

Consultant submitted a Compensation Event for a delay to the programme based on 2 ‘instructions’, and indicated in the Compensation Event the value.
The Compensation event was accepted, with the comments that we acknowledge there was some impact to the contract based on one of the ‘instructions’ but the other ‘instruction’ was rejected and that we did not agree with all the detail and valuation within the Compensation event.
The consultant has now uploaded the quote showing the lump sum, so very little detail as to how they have come up with the figure, with the same figure as the Compensation Event.

What information should they be providing with the Quote?

Can I rejected the quote and asked them to show the detail of the build up of the cost, based on the one instruction?

Assuming this is NEC3 PSC then the Consultant should show in their quotation how they assessed the Time Charge which is a term defined at clause 11.2(13). Time Charge is based on staff rates (taken from Contract Data part two) multiplied by the time spent, if there isn’t an appropriate staff rate then clause 63.10 allows the Consultant to propose a rate.

The time spent would normally be justified by reference to timesheets however in the event that the time spent on the instructed works was not recorded separately the Consultant would have to assess the time.

If the Employer doesn’t agree with the Consultants assessment then clause 62.3 allows them to instruct a revised quotation or to make their own assessment.