NEC ECS: Design provided by Main contractor to Subcontractor incorrect

The Main Contractor provides all design to the Subcontractor, all drawings are referenced in the Works Information.

Subcontractor arrives on site to commence work, enters the coordinates from the design information and the road level is actually 500mm higher than the design states.

Subcontractor stands work down and seeks advice from the Main Contractor.

Main Contractor states the issue is with topographical information that was used to produce design and the issue will take 2 weeks to resolve.

Question: Under which sub clause of Cl60 does the subcontractor claim for the stand down costs against?

Rather than stand down off their own back the Subcontractor should have asked the Contractor what they wanted them to do which would have been an instruction to stop work under 60.1(4). You could also have notified an early warning an instructed an immediate risk reduction meeting (early warning meeting under NEC4) to discuss the issue and see what they want you to do. It would have been the Contractor responsibility to record the action to be taken which again would have probably been to have stopped whilst the drawings are revised. Or you could have notified that it is now impossible to do the design with those levels and again they would have to give an instruction on how to resolve the impossibility.

I would speak to the Contractor and make sure you get this in writing from them that you have done the correct thing. Worst case scenario you will include the cost of being stopped within the CE for the change to the Works Information when it comes two weeks later under 60.1(1), but much better to get clear agreement from them that they wanted you to stop, otherwise they might claim you did that off your own back and they will not pay for it (but hard to agree anything else here other than the Subcontractor should be able to claim for something that clearly is not their liability).