NEC ECC: Why can we not claim staff cost for CE's that do not affect critical path?

What if the original Contractor team included in original prelims has been increased or kept on site for longer. Or the management of the CE is time consuming and distracting the team from the original scope?

The CE involves managing the FF&E package, for which a few quotations were provided however client chose to disregard them and is instructing us piece meal on buying components to make up the FF&E.

The site team therefore are spending time ordering the components, organising labour to fit these, check dimensions etc all of which would have been done by a FF&E subcontractor.

Our lump sum specifically excluded this from our Works Information.

It sounds as if they are changing the Works Information by introducing extra work.

This involves, from what you say, more people on site for longer. There is therefore - and this is the key thing - a change in Defined Cost. This is therefore assessed in accordance with clause 63.1 i.e. you get the change in Defined Costs + Fee.

How would you approach the cost for producing the quotation?

For instance, If the quote was produced by the management team included in the original contract award value, during normal working hours, surely thereā€™d be no impact on defined cost?

I realise the guidance notes contradict this but the contract itself makes it clear only additional work is included in the CE.

In your middle paragraph, you have hit the nail on the head.