NEC ECC: TQs not part of contract

If the TQs were not part of the contract would this mean that the Works Information had not changed/ been updated?

Also how would TQ replies form part of the contract?

TQ’s (technical queries) or indeed RFI’s (requests for information) generally are run on every project alongside the other other NEC processes. You might have a technical query about an aspect of the Works Information - for example what colour do you want something or where do you want it installed. These are not changes to WI but mere clarification of what the WI is stating.

Equally these sit along side the early warning process - as not all of these could be an issue unless they are not responded to in time. You might raise a TQ and then sometime later notify an early warning that the element needs responding to as it COULD have an effect on time or cost in the near future.

TQ responses should be in writing like any form of communication and from someone who is authorised to answer it. Only if the TQ response is an instruction that changes the Works Information would this then give rise to a parallel compensation event.

Thank you Glenn, very informative.