NEC ECC: Time related costs

We are working on an Option A form of contract which had an original planned completion date of November 2018, due to access constraints the planned completion date has moved to May 2019, an agreed CE which the client is culpable. Where a difference of opinion exists however in terms of quantum is staff time related costs during the Christmas break. We are required to pay our staff during this time period and should be placed in the same position should the event have not occurred, however they also would not have been in the Working Area during this time period, is the client correct in omitting these costs from his assessment.

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Is this NEC3 or NEC4 as there is a slight tweak in wording which may be relevant ?

Nec 3 option A

Hi Jon, any feedback re the above

Apologies, I’ve been on holiday !

I think Andrew has answered the question : see