NEC ECC: How is wind delay determined as a CE?

Within the contract the weather measurement is “the average wind speed per day”.
We have obtained weather data which shows the monthly Mean Wind Speed (1 in 10 value) is 14 mph and the Mean Wind Speed for the month in question is 12 mph. Are we entitled to a CE for any days when the daily mean wind speed exceeds the 1 in 10 value?

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I will keep this brief - no it would seem not.

Wind is not normally a standard weather measurement and needs to be added in. Normally I would see it state “on days where it exceeds X for more than Y minutes” but the wording here suggests it has to have exceeded a monthly average before it is a compensation event - as on average it has not reached the 1 in 10 threshold.

The data we obtained does give a daily average though, and this is the measurement in the contract, not monthly, but yes I admit it is not worded very well