NEC ECC: Does a Negative CE include the fee % as a negative or Positive value

A contractor has submitted a CE for removing works on an NEC ECC option B contract but has not included the Direct Fee %. I’m just wondering should this be a negative 10& or a positive 10% i.e if the CE value is £100, would this result in a total CE cost of -£110 @ 10% fee

Always good to challenge the contract but the intent is that any CE quotation includes fee - so in a saving i.e. negative CE you include the fee in the saving so the Contractor does not keep the fee on works taken away. Whether that is considered fair or not I am sure will vary - but those are the rules/intent of the contract.

You could argue that it doesn’t say fee as a negative value, but then it doesn’t say as a negative value either for the main element of the quote. If you look at the guidance notes, from memory it is very clear that is the intent.