Is it OK to carry;plasterboard up stairs using a two man lift?

As with all manual handling operations you should avoid, replace and mechanise the lifting in that order wherever possible. In the case of carrying and handling plasterboard there are risks related to weight, difficulties with grip and the unwieldy nature of the board. Often the boards need manoeuvring in restricted spaces which can have trip and slip hazards.

Firstly the plasterboards should be loaded out as close to where they are required as possible using cranes, lifts and trolleys. Access routes (e.g. through floors or external openings) can be created to reduce the need for awkward postures when handling up stairwells.

In all cases good planning of the work is essential in reducing the need for manual handling

Two person handling of the board would be a last resort, where all other options have been explored, the frequency of the lifting is low and other controls have been put in place to reduce the risk of injuries.

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