How do I know if what I'm asking my workers to do (on manual handling) is likely to cause them problems - surely it is down to the individual?

No! There are duties on you as the employer under Manual Handling Operations Regulations to do all you can to assess the risk to workers, eliminate that risk where possible or use controls and aids to reduce the risk to a manageable level. The Manual Handling Assessment Charts can help you assess where the main risks of manual handling are to your workers. This will make it easier for you to look into ways of dealing with the most risky situations.

For example, sack trucks or trolleys can be used to move things around a site to prevent the need for handling over distances. Planning ahead to ensure materials are loaded out close to where they are needed reduces the need for handling heavy materials

Speak to your workers – they are the best placed to tell you what the problems are and possibly come up with solutions.

You might find the following case studies useful, and there are many lifting and carrying aids on the market -you could hire before you buy as they can be expensive and may not suit your workers or the particular work situation.

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