Improvement - WCAG Compliance for improved usability

It’s important that our platform and content are usable and useful to everyone. Everyone is a pretty big group. It includes our end users, super users, their supply chain, our developers, contributors, our employees, and our wider community. That also includes all members of our community who have disabilities. Disabilities may affect how people move, see, hear, communicate, learn, understand, and process information. As a result, it’s important to consider how to design and develop our product to support a wide range of needs and experiences.

This features request will be broken down into a series of sub-improvements:-

  • Improved typography
  • Improved buttons
  • Improved icons
  • Improved interaction states
  • Improved WCAG compliance (assistive technology, coding standards, alt text)

These enhanced requirements will sit in our new UI handbook. Using this new library components is a way to improve accessibility and consistency when building new products, services or features within our platform.

  • The component library in this UI handbook includes code we can use across applications
  • This component code includes accessible markup
  • Since the code exists in a single component that gets reused, it’s easier to update and fix any bugs

The build-it-once, use-it-everywhere model means the accessibility knowledge of the designers and developers who build these components is available to all developers and our contributors. Because of this, users get a consistent experience that can be leveraged into accessible products, services and features.