I select Print/Save summary button and save the printable version of the form. When I open the form again it is blank. Why is this happening?


When you choose File > Save, a dialog box displays.

Type in the filename to save your printable version. If you are familiar with printing/saving to Adobe pdf, we would recommend using this method.

If not, from the [b]‘Save as type’[/b] drop down list – select [b]Web Page HTML only (*htm, *html)[/b].

[b]Note:[/b] If you do not save in this file type format you will get a blank form as the other types in the list are not suitable for single html pages. These are standard Internet Explorer file types.

Please refer to para 33 of the [guidance on use of the F10 E-Form ](https://www.hse.gov.uk/forms/notification/f10userguide.pdf).