Concurrent delays both caused by Employer

In the Event the Employer causes multiple delays concurrently, is the Contractor entitled to both delay costs?

In the example, neither CE has been accepted or implemented so neither are on a current accepted programme. Should a standalone CE be submitted for each with the respective delay cost attributed to each due to concurrent delays not being a principle in NEC?

If I understand you correctly I think the answer is that you can only recover delay costs for a given period of delay. So if there were 2 concurrent delays then the costs for the actual period of delay would be claimed. You cannot claim twice.

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Just to add to Mike’s answer, if the CE’s related to different operations on the programme, then you would be entitled to assess the costs particular to the operation for each CE.

As you mention Andrew, these delays are for 2 separate operations.
Operation 1 CE created a delay. Shortly after another CE occurred for Operation 2. It just so happens the occurred quite close in time so in the bigger picture the cause a delay to happen at roughly the same time. But i believe NEC principles guide you to to deal with Operation 1 and 2 seperately therefore in theory you would be entitled to the recovery of both delays.