What needs to be included in a record of health surveillance?


		The persons name and National Insurance number
		The substance they are exposed to, and when (start date, frequency of use)
		The surveillance test that is done on them, and the tester
		The outcome e.g. passed / retest / failed (but not the test data).

	Remember that a Health Surveillance record is different to a medical record.

	Medical records are generated by a health professional, namely a Dr or Nurse, who is competent as regards the hazard, risks and likely health effects. The information contained in a Medical Record depends on the nature of the medical carried out. ALSO the Medical Record is medical-in-confidence material and it is the responsibility of the health professional that has created it to ensure that nobody else gets access without informed consent from the individual whose medical record it is.

	Further information on [health surveillance](http://www.hse.gov.uk/coshh/basics/surveillance.htm) is available.