What is the best way to reduce noise on a construction site?

Eliminating noisy processes or substituting them for a less noisy process are the best ways of dealing with noise on a construction site. If this is not possible removing people from the noisy area and choosing quieter equipment can also be effective. As a last resort, hearing protection and hearing protection zones may be appropriate.

Here are some examples of how you can reduce noise:

	Eliminate noise during design. For example, design ducts into a structure rather than chasing channels in walls.

	Substitute a less noisy process. For example, use a hydraulic block splitter rather than a cut-off saw to cut blocks.

	Remove people from the vicinity of noisy work. For example, use a machine mounted breaker on an excavator with a good quality cab and exclude other people from the area while the breaker is in use.

	Select quiet equipment. For example, compare noise levels from power tools when buying or hiring equipment. Use information from the manufacturer or supplier, and choose the quietest tools that are effective for the job. You can also reduce noise when selecting other types of tool. For example, choose plastic or rubber hammers, rather than metal, to free collars on falsework legs.