What are the requirements in the existing Building Regulations with regard to material change of use?

If there is a material change of use for any reason to a building then the construction, once completed, must comply with all the applicable requirements of Schedule 1.

This encompasses the following:

	means of warning and escape (B1)

	internal fire spread – linings (B2)

	internal fire spread – structure (B3)

	external fire spread – roofs (B4)(2)

	access and facilities for the fire service (B5)

	resistance to moisture (C1)(2)

	dwelling-houses and flats formed by material change of use (E4)

	ventilation (F1)

	sanitary conveniences and washing facilities (G4)

	bathrooms (G5)

	foul water drainage (H1)

	solid waste storage (H6)

	combustion appliances (J1, J2 & J3)

	conservation of fuel and power – dwellings (L1)

	conservation of fuel and power – buildings other than dwellings (L2)

	electrical safety (P1, P2).