Webinar - RICS APC Part 3 Final Assessment Interview

This topic is for all questions raised on our webinar “RICS APC Part 3 Final Assessment Interview”. If you haven’t already attended it, you can sign up here Webinar - RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Part 3: Fin | Built Intelligence

Our third module covers the APC journey from submission through to the final assessment interview and explains how to apply and the choices and options to be made through ARC and tips and hints for preparing for your interview. The course is intended for anyone just starting their APC journey or those who are some way through and wishing to keep on track. The course is 1 hour in duration.

After studying this module you should be able to:-

  1. Understand the submission process
  2. Submit your documents, including the Counsellor sign-off process
  3. Be prepared for the interview
  4. Understand the assessment criteria
  5. Understand the referral and appeals procedure, in the worst-case scenario

If someone has previously been referred and now is eligible for direct entry, what happens in this circumstances as the RICS website states that even if you are eligible for direct entry, if you have been referred then you cannot exercise your eligibility rights?

Hi Deb, the RICS do state that:

To apply for direct entry you must:

  • meet the qualification and experience requirements set out in the documents below for AssocRICS or MRICS
  • not have been referred on the associate assessment if you are applying for AssocRICS
  • not have been referred on a chartered assessment if you are applying for MRICS

Can you confirm if this is direct entry or direct entry via prelim review, i.e. what qualification is held?

There may be another route that is available, which would not then affect the process the candidate has to follow. I would also need to know how many years’ experience they have and what other qualifications / education (UG/PG) they hold.

Thanks, Jen

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Hi Guys - any questions after the RICS APC webinar, or any APC related questions please let me know!