Release Notes up to 2024-04-13 Contract Management Sprint 86/87

These releases contain any new features, improvements and bug fixes worked on for this period.

New + Improved

New Payment Batches Workflow

We have added new workflows to cater for applications and certificates in multiple currencies. If the Batch workflows are chosen, then all secondary prices are recorded on the notice. Please read which has been updated to reflect this development.

New warning message added on selected Client workflows

In order to avoid any errors/confusion, if a user enters a positive amount in a Quotation or PM Assessment that is associated with a Client Claims with Notice or a Client Compensation Event then when the user clicks ‘Create’ or ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Communicate’ a warning will be displayed: “Price reductions should be entered as a negative value. Do you wish to continue with a positive value?”

If the user clicks “Yes” then the user will be able to progress further otherwise the user will be returned to the page to continue editing.

New report for contract price impacts and dates - Secondary Prices

We have created a new report will be required to capture details of all Secondary Prices, including original price and current price which allows the user to identify each of the communications that contributed to a Price Change or Completion Date.

Improved Assessments labels

We have amended the Field labels on the PM Assessment Workflow to be more meaningful.

Improved Related notices

When creating related notices, we have now ensured that any dropdowns selected on the original form will be pre-populated onto the related form to avoid time and potential errors.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been rectified: -

  • We have corrected the issue when setting Enable Company Users = ‘No’ it was making it mandatory to add something to ‘leave Add Company Users to’
  • We have corrected validation error messages on dates within a Task Order


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform.