Release Notes up to 2022-07-18 Contract Management (Sprint 42)

New + Improved

This release sees several new and improved additions that have specifically been asked for by one of our clients. They are all configurable from our existing workflows and templates.

New internal communications ^^

It is now possible to send internal communications. New workflows have been added to the Notifications group as follows:

  • PM To PM Notifications
  • Client To Client Notifications
  • Supplier To Supplier Notifications
  • Supervisor To Supervisor Notifications

These will need to be added to the Master Workflows along with the corresponding placeholders in order to become available in contract templates.

If you wish internal communications to remain private you will need to configure the access filters to restrict access to a single party and configure email filters to only send email notifications to the party in question.


All of these workflows can be configured with or without replies enabled and with or without email notifications enabled so they can also be used purely as a notes function if desired.

Improved ‘Create related’… options - Supplier Notification ^^

We have added a new option under ‘Create related…’ options on the Supplier Notification workflows.

Where the ‘Create Related Items’ button is enabled and the relevant workflows have been added to a contract template, it is now possible to create a PM to Client Notification from a Supplier Notification. It is also now possible to create internal communications this way from any existing process form (see New Internal Communications above).

New configurable response timescale ^^

ASKED_ON_COMMUNICATION_FORM has been added as a configurable response timescale option to all process forms in the Notifications, Instructions and Submissions groups.

It’s now possible to configure ‘ASKED_ON_COMMUNICATION_FORM’ as the default response timescale option on any process form type in the Notifications, Instructions and Submissions groups.

Once configured that way, a date selector will appear on the process form and the selected date will become the reply required date.

It is already possible to configure a custom reply period for any individual dropdown option so, where appropriate, the existing capability can be used in conjunction with this new feature to create a form that has a combination of pre-configured response timescales as well as user selected reply dates, dynamically adjusted according to the communication type selected.

Where a custom reply timescale is configured for a particular dropdown selection and that option is selected, the date selector will be hidden and the reply required date will be calculated as notified date plus the configured number of days.