Procurement: What is the TED database?

Can anyone explain what TED stands for.

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TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), is the on-line version of “Supplement S to the Official Journal of the European Communities”. Formerly a print publication, this is now available from the Office for Publications on-line and on CD-ROM. TED publishes calls for tenders, and also pre-information notes, contract awards and other types of documents. The field TD (“type of document”) in TED is used to specify the document type. TED is produced by EUR-OP (Publications Office of the European Union), Luxembourg. Information comes directly from the awarding authorities in the Member States. EUR-OP organises the input, classification, translation and publication of the data.

Access to the TED facility is operated by the Publications Office of the European Union (EUR-OP). It is available at or you can contact the TED help-desk on: