Improvement - Generate a PMI notification and CE notification from a single input

Ideally FastDraft should allow a PM user, when raising a PMI, to opt to generate a CE Notification at the same time. In that case, the process form should expand to allow the additional CE information to be captured. The PMI should be captured in the PMI Register, the CEN should be captured in the PM CEN Register (and Master CE register after it has been communicated) and two separate email notifications should be generated. Alternatively, the software should provide a button direct from the issued PMI (to a user with appropriate rights) to allow a CEN form to be created based on the PMI (with the option to copy the description). A CEN created in this way should automatically create the association between the PMI and CEN.

Steve i like this idea a lot. Let’s discuss with @batuhan.balaban and see how easy this is to achieve.