How can I protect myself?

This will depend very much on the type of paint / coating, how you are applying it and where the work is taking place. However, there are some general things that you can do for all work:

	[b]General Ventilation:[/b] Get as much fresh air as possible to where you are working. If indoors open doors and windows. If you cannot do this or the risk from your work / coatings is higher you may need to use some form of mechanical ventilation such as an air mover. This will dilute and remove the harmful air.

	[b]Cleaning, Mixing and Storage:[/b] This should be done in specially set-aside and well-ventilated areas. Coatings should be stored in properly labelled, suitable containers. Keep lids securely on containers when not in use to prevent spillages or any unnecessary vapours escaping. Any spillages should be cleaned up quickly with sealed metal containers used for waste.

	[b]Hygiene:[/b] Good personal hygiene is very important. Hands should be washed, and where needed clothing changed, before eating, drinking or smoking to prevent swallowing any harmful substances.