COVID-19 notifications

I have recently attended your webinar re COVID-19. In this you discussed issuing separate notifications for each event associated with COVID-19.
Would a blanket EWN suffice, followed by individual CE notifications for things like S/C’s going into liquidation, change of working methods due to social distancing, delays to materials delivery etc., or would it be necessary to issue separate EWN’s for each followed up by individual CE notifications?

I would give:

  • one early warning for the VOVID-19 virus … or more precisely would have as it is way past the time you became aware of it;
  • separate early warning notifications as new issues emerge. A balance here is needed between notify what matters and is likely to impact versus notifying for absolutely everything which might possibly, but is very unlikely to happen &/or will have minimal impact which the Contractor can deal with without the PMs help.
  • notify individual compensation events as & when they arise. These will be far fewer than the early warning notifications.