Webinar - First Thursday Forum - NEC Live Q&A

We are proud to announce the launch of our monthly First Thursday Forum on 4th November at 9am - if you haven’t already done so you can register to attend here - Webinar - First Thursday Forum - NEC Live Q&A | Built Intelligence

These themed live Q&A sessions promise to be lively, interactive and interesting for all our Construction Professionals with a fabulous panel of industry experts who will debate and respond to users live questions.

The topic for our November forum is NEC. You’ve heard that you should “act in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation,” but how do you reconcile this with acting “as stated in the contract”, it’s time this dual mantra became everyday practice. If you’ve unsure when to raise an Early Warning – or stumped about NEC contract management in general – then join Steven Evans and Chris Corr for some lively debate.

What you’ll learn:

This webinar is directed by real users questions. Here is a sample of the questions that we’ll be covering:

  • What’s meant by “good faith” and how does it work with clause 10.1?
  • How do I deal with a PM who’s complaining I am too contractual?
  • When is it too late to raise an Early Warnings?
  • How do you deal with indecisive PMs?
  • Tips for successful team building
  • How you can keep on top of the daily obstacles that get in the way of managing NEC contracts right

So if you have a burning question or construction conundrum which can be anything from a dispute to a contractual query then please do submit it below, you never know, it may make it onto the show.

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