Re-mobilising to rectify defects

We are due to re-mobilise to site to carry out additional works which is a CE, and at the same time carry out some minor works to rectify a couple of defects.
There are flights etc involved but the PM is refusing to pay for these as he says we are going there anyway for the defect work.
Our argument is the opposite - the defects are incidental in relation to the additional work and the size of our team has been dictated by the CE work.

Should we be paid our full re-mob costs under the CE?

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As you’ve already said, you’re planning to carry out the additional works whilst also correcting the defect. In the spirit of the contract, you should therefore only be recovering via your CE the additional costs to you for the instructed additional work.

I would suggest you can demonstrate this by sharing the resource / prelims you would use to correct the defect and the resource / prelims you would use for the additional work. Any resource over and above that required for the CE works should be included within your Compensation Event Quotation.