Quotation - legitimate or not?

what is defined as a quotation under the NEC? Is there caselaw to support this (for example , if the contractor does not submit a formal quotation by not following the notification process or without instruction - but merely emails an ‘estimate’ - how legitimate is this?

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@stevencevans can you help out Andrew?


There is no case law specific to this point and it is a difficult question to answer without context as these sorts of things will very much turn on the facts.

Strictly speaking, if a communication departs from the requirements of the contract, then it is not a valid communication, so if a quotation is late, then there is a good argument that it is invalid. However, if, in your case, the contractor had always stated ‘estimate’ on the quotation, but both parties have alway acted as if this means ‘quotation’, then a court will probably find it to be valid.